Wartrol Reviews Share Truth About Genital Wart Treatment

If you have genital warts it’s very likely you have been searching around online for a permanent cure to your problem. Wartrol is a very effective wart remover, as you may have found. This has probably got you wondering if Wartrol is effective at treating genital warts in men and women. Let’s take a closer look at the answer to this previous question.

We want to start by telling you what the label states. As with most health products the label is in place to warn individuals of harmful uses or using the product for something that it wasn’t fully tested on yet. According to the label Wartrol is not designed to treat genital warts. So if you are following the medical advice the answer is no, don’t use this product to treat your bad case of genital warts.

However, if you don’t listen to medical advice, well you wouldn’t be the first. Many people with genital warts have used Wartrol with success for treating their condition. Does that mean you should use it to treat your condition? Well the answer to that is solely up to you. The makers of this product don’t endorse it for use on genital warts. But, some people have had success with using it on their genital warts. The decision is really up to you.